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The Collection | Variety Pack


+ Low dose

+ .75 g x 6 Pack

+ 13% THC

Three distinct vibes in one beautiful box. The Collection is perfect for figuring out what you like. Or, if you’re like me, for mixing and matching to suit the occasion.

These curated blends of cannabis and botanicals were formulated by Drew Martin, an award-winning mixologist and herbalist, to harness the power of plants through cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanicals.

Each box contains six pre-rolls, two each of the following blends:

Be Open | Rose Petal + Hybrid

13% THC

The gentle aroma of rose petals envelops you, clearing your mind. A refreshing tingle of peppermint swirls around the hybrid cannabis cultivar leaving you feeling balanced and more open to the world around you. You exhale, “Be open.”


Be Still | Lavender + Indica

13% THC

The familiar scent of lavender surrounds you, transporting you to a place of relaxation. You feel yourself unwind as the indica cultivar melds with the restful properties of lavender and passionflower. You close your eyes and exhale, “Be still.”


Be Bright | Ginger + Sativa

13% THC

A burst of ginger grabs your attention. The bright spice collides with the citrus-driven sativa cultivar stimulating your mind and body. You find yourself on the dance floor and exhale, “Be bright.”

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