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1:1 MANGO | Flower Rosin



+ 20 delights per package

+ 50 mg THC:50 mg CBD per package

+ 2.5 mg THC:2.5 mg CBD per delight

+ Keitt mango

+ Vegan

+ Gluten free

The very first “native ratio” 1:1 of its kind, infused with California Keitt mangos. Containing equal parts CBD:THC (2.5mg:2.5mg), these Delights are infused with rosin we press from flower containing naturally balanced cannabinoids, as they exist in the source flower.

To make our flower rosin, we start with a single strain of organically grown flower, and use a hydraulic press to apply below-volatilization heat and pressure to release rosin. This solventless process preserves the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial chemical compounds natural to the plant.

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