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RIRI | 5-Pack


+ .5 g x 5-pack joints

+ Made with flower only. No trim

+ Strain type: Balanced Hybrid

+ Nose/flavor: apricot, lavender peppery

+ Typical effects: clear, focused, relaxed

+ Lineage: Y x Snowman

This hybrid melts away pre-performance nerves with clear, focused, and relaxed effects. Great for socializing out on the town or an inspired night in with friends. Apricot and lavender notes come clear on the inhale with peppery undertones.

Florist Farms is a New York brand made by and for New Yorkers. Our farm in Cortland, NY is where we grow and manufacture all of our own products with decades of organic farming experience. Our full-flower cones are made with just fresh-ground flower from our regenerative cannabis plants.

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