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GAS FACE | 1 oz


+ 1 oz

+ Strain type: sativa

+ Nose/flavor: pungent, earthy, fruity diesel

+ Typical effects: uplifting, chatty, joyous

Gas Face can be described as a simple pleasure - as a sativa-leaning hybrid, Gas Face is ideal for daytime activity, sparking witty banter and igniting a sense of bliss not long after your first draw. With flavors of fruity diesel coupled with a pungent earthy aroma, Gas Face checks all the boxes.

FlowerHouse Premium Light Deprivation Flower is grown under the sun using sustainable light deprivation techniques that allow us to control flowering cycles. After harvest, our flower is cured for ideal moisture and terpene expression, and then hand-trimmed and packaged in premium glass jars. Savings from energy use reduction during cultivation are then passed onto consumers.

FlowerHouse New York is a BIPOC-owned cultivator located in the bucolic Hudson Valley and specializing in high-quality smokable flower for New Yorkers, by New Yorkers. FlowerHouse premium flower oz bags contain hand-selected, hand-trimmed colas packed into resealable mylar bags to maintain freshness.

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