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Peppermint | ZEN Mints

Peppermint | ZEN Mints


+ 20 mints per package

+ 100 mg THC per package

+ 5 mg THC per mint

+ Ingredients: Sucrose, Cannabis Extract in Modified Food Starch (Maltodextrin, Cannabis Extract, MCT Coconut Oil) , alpha-gpc, Natural Flavors, Dextrose, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Citric Acid, Green Tea Extract, Hibiscus Flower Extract.

The Love Oui’d Zen mint is your one-way ticket to a more

elevated and centered self. The multiple antioxidants and

nootropic (noo-traa-puhk) aka brain supportive ingredients,

along with 5 mg THC, will bring you to a balanced and

blissful frequency. The zen mint has a classic and refreshing

peppermint flavor. Now you’re in control to find your zen

anytime, anywhere.

The Love Oui’d Zen mint blends together the power of THC cannabis extract, with the centering and mind-supportive effects of nootropic a-gpc, vitamin B6 to optimize your energy & metabolism, along with green tea extracts and hibiscus flower extract to support energy and sustain an elevated mood. This powerful formula is concentrated into a single discreet delicious mouth-dissolving mint. It’s never been more convenient and enjoyable to include plant wellness into your routine. Bring paradise into your day with the Love Oui’d Zen Mint.

The Love Oui’d mint line features delicious, discreet & luxurious cannabis-infused mints that you can benefit from at a moment’s notice. They’re on your schedule. Love Oui’d mints are formulated with multiple herbal actives, in addition to sun-grown cannabis extract, to give you a best-in-class

experience. Love Oui’d mints are easy and effective, they’re putain d’élégant.