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Incense Altar Designed By Daniel Piršč



Unexpected concept of porcelain, which in itself serves as an aesthetic element regardless of its primary purpose. The incense altar by renowned porcelain designer and educator Daniel Piršč is not just a functional object. It is a unique work of art. The rounded shapes and the changing power of the metallic finish blur the boundaries and blend fantasy with the reality of the external environment. Two shapes associate a fluid mass, which is being entered by a scented stick. In one case, by vertical free fall, seemingly falling through the altar, in the second case, an illustration of the sticks movement along a sideway trajectory, while deforming the material in front of it. You can choose one of three colours, but they never completely define the final form. No two pieces are the same. Where the surface curves more, the colours change and give each piece a completely unique look.

 Made in the Czech Republic

height: 4 cm, width: 10.5 cm, depth: 9.2 cm