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Bright Moments x Gotham

Jun 26 2023

An exclusive live minting event.

Join the Bright Moments community at Gotham this Wednesday for a live minting event of 'Dream Logic,’ the Artist in Residence project for this month. It is a generative, open edition NFT collection that can only be minted IRL throughout the month of June.

Ngozi is a software engineer and creative coder living in New York, with a lifelong love for sketching and painting. Recently, she ventured into the digital art sphere, bringing with her an expressive style known for its bold, dramatic abstraction. Inspired by the striking juxtaposition between order and randomness, the color layers in 'Dream Logic' manifest as an intriguing exploration of chaos intertwined with harmony. Each creation is a testament to the rich tapestry of contrasts that define this unique art series.

RSVP here for the exclusive event taking place at Gotham's flagship store at 3 East 3rd Street on Wednesday, June 28.