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Cannabis for Sex: Which Strains are Best?

Cannabis for Sex: Which Strains are Best?

May 07 2024

Can weed get you in the mood?

Can weed get you in the mood? Despite common misconceptions that it will turn you into a couch-potato, many strains have been proven to do quite the opposite. Not only can the right strain relax your body and mind, but many can also enhance your libido. So what cannabis strains and products are best for enhancing your sexual experience?

When selecting weed to enhance your libido and sexual intimacy, the strain type is less important than the terpenes present. Many studies have shown that terpenes play a role in stimulating arousal. The secret sauce comprising the aromas and flavors of cannabis terpenes’ method of action is similar to essential oils in aromatherapy. They offer a wide array of mind and body sensations individually, and are enhanced when in conjunction with cannabis and its bouquet of cannabinoids and other phytocompounds.

The terpene limonene, recognized by its zesty, lemony aroma, is often associated with arousal. Strains featuring limonene can result in a full body feeling of euphoria that stimulates an enhanced sex drive. Sour Diesel, rich in limonene, is among the most popular strains to stimulate libido. Consumers of Sour Diesel have reported experiencing full body sensations, an uplifted mood, and an energy boost. Other options at Gotham with pronounced Limonene include FlowerHouse’s Tropicana Cherry, Lobo’s Lemon Haze Hashish, and Camino’s Balance Yuzu Lemon Gummies.

When considering cannabis as an aphrodisiac, it is important to consider how this process is working. Strains with limonene often boost your energy and promote a sense of euphoria. But we all may not be looking for an extra boost of energy to get us in the mood. For many, cannabis that supports relaxation and relief is the answer to improved intimacy.

Strains that contain the terpene linalool have been shown to usher feelings of serenity and mind and body relaxation. For those who are looking for something to calm their nerves before intimacy, strains with linalool could be your perfect match. Also found in birch and lavender, linalool has earthy and calming aromatic notes. Some strains and products rich in Linalool are Electraleaf’s Coco Pina Flower, Florist Farms’ Candy Jack Live Resin Prerolls Pack, and Miss Grass’s All Times Rainbow Sherbet Prerolls Minis Pack.

It is not uncommon to experience physical sensations of discomfort in moments of intimacy. For those looking for something to relax the body for intercourse, cannabis with myrcene, a monoterpene, is a wonderful solution. Myrcene has anti-inflammatory properties that work to calm muscles down and provide physical relief. Ingesting cannabis with myrcene can make sex a far more comfortable experience while yielding mind and body relaxation. Myrcene is prevalent in Aeterna’s Apple Fritter Flower, MFNY’s Strawpaya Live Resin Badder, and Off Hours’ Sploosh Live Rosin Gummies.

Cannabis is far from a one-trick pony. Strains differ not only in their aromas and taste, but also in the ways they interact with our bodies and minds. In the same way that some can enhance focus, or provide a deeper sleep, others can help to enhance libido as well as physical intimacy.