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Cannabis Selections from the Gotham Team

Cannabis Selections from the Gotham Team

Aug 31 2023

House of Puff stopped by to ask Cora Walters, a member of Gotham's cannabis sales team, which products she loves most.

Kristina Lopez Adduci, founder and CEO of House of Puff, visited Gotham recently to chat with Cora Walters, one of Gotham’s highly knowledgeable cannabis sales associates. To watch their chat, check out House of Puff’s YouTube channel. Keep reading for highlights from their conversation, including links to shop all of Cora’s picks.

We're in the city that never sleeps. What do you recommend for a night out on the town?

MFNY Raspberry Parfait 3:1 Pre-Rolls

Cora says:

"Our MFNY Raspberry Parfait Pre-roll is great. A pre-roll is super convenient, easy to carry around and you don’t have to roll up or do anything. You just need a lighter and the pre-roll and you’re ready to go. This one is a three-to-one-ratio so it has three parts THC and one part CBD. The CBD helps to give you more of a full-bodied high and more balance, so you can go out and be in the club, dance and have fun, but you’re not going to feel so high that it weighs you down."

FlowerHouse RS11

Cora says:

"I also love our FlowerHouse Rainbow Sherbert 11. This is a perfect hybrid. It gives you that 50-50, balanced, best of both worlds high. It’s a nice berry fragrance and it’s a smooth smoke all night long."

What if I’m looking for something that will knock me out before bed?

Florist Farms Bedtime Blueberry

Cora says:

"Our Florist Farms Bedtime Blueberry Gummies have a one-to-one balance of THC and CBN. CBN is a cannabinoid that promotes relaxation; it’s easy to remember if you think of it as CBNight. People use CBN to wind down. It’s been compared to a naturally occurring melatonin, so it can help people who can’t tolerate or prefer not to take melatonin. I recommend starting with half a gummy - 5 milligrams - to see how that makes you feel. We like to say, 'Go low and start slow.' These are 10 milligrams THC, 10 milligrams CBN per piece, 100 milligrams THC total in the container."

Ayrloom Pillow Talk Blueberry Lavender Gummies

Cora says:

"I’d also recommend our Ayrloom Pillow Talk Gummies. These do have melatonin for that extra punch to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. They also have CBN and are nano-emulsified, which makes them fast-acting. They hit me in about 20 minutes. If I’ve had a very stressful day and I want to shut off from the world, I’ll take a full gummy. These are also 10 milligrams."

How about after a workout or a run? What products are good for recovery?

Head & Heal Relief Tincture

Cora says:

"After a workout I will be reaching for our Head and Heal Relief Tincture. This is a full spectrum cannabis oil that you just drop under your tongue and it starts absorbing right away. It’s 2 parts CBD to 1 part THC, so you’re able to get the anti-inflammatory benefits without feeling high. I would use this as an alternative to smoking, if you want something more targeted and discreet. It comes in an oil dropper. I use this after a shift - when you’re standing up for hours and helping guests, it helps so much."

Tonic Chronic Bath Soak

Cora says:

"Then we have our Tonic Bath Soak. Tonic is a woman-owned brand and I love this one because we all need a bubble bath sometime. Have your little glass of wine. It’s just a great moment for yourself at the end of any day. A bath soak is great for those aches and pains like you said, after a workout or a run you just need that soothing relaxation."