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Gotham's Countdown to 4/20

Gotham's Countdown to 4/20

Apr 08 2024

The best day of the year is just around the corner. Get ready for 4/20 with Gotham's countdown product guide. Updated everyday until 4/20!

Lost Farm Live Resin FROSE Dragonfruit

An earthy upfront with undertones of gas and sweet wine, Frose is a hybrid cross of Zin and Cookie Dawg. 10 mg THC per gummy, 100 mg THC per package.

ElectraLeaf GARLIC KNOTZ 5-Pack

Garlic Knotz is an Indica strain with spicy, garlicky, and minty aromatic notes. With its lineage of Kush Mintz x Garlic Breath, Garlic Knotz will leave you sleepy, relaxed and aroused.

Harney Brothers DAYTIME

The Daytime tincture is made with a foundation of avocado & sunflower oil and infused with a relaxing blend of THC, CBC, CBD & CBG. Pure & Simple. 30 ml tincture bottle with 75 mg THC:300 mg CBC:300 MG CBG:150 mg CBD

Ayrloom Bliss

Enjoy uplifting sensory effects with Ayloom's Bliss; a .5 g all-in-one vaporizer with sweet and citrusy notes. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up or to invigorate your creativity.

ElectraLeaf AIR FORCE ONE 3.5 g

Air Force One is a balanced hybrid with earthy, sweet, and flowery flavors and notes. Air Force One alleviates symptoms related to anxiety and stress, and provides powerful physical effects combined with an intense cerebral lift.


Crafted through a small-batch, solvent-free process, these gummies are perfectly curated to deliver the energizing and upbeat effects of the Jelly Donutz strain. Fast acting, hybrid gummies. 10 mg THC:.3 mg CBC:.3 mg CBG per gummy

Drew Martin Be Still LAVENDER (Indica) 6-Pack

Be Still is a low dose, Indica, botanical preroll with aromatic notes of lavender and passionflower. Unwind and transport yourself to a state of total relaxation. Close your eyes and exhale, “Be still.”

Bloom Classic MAUI WOWIE 1 g AIO

Bloom's Maui Wowie is a sativa, 1 g all-in-one, rechargeable vaporizer. A delicious blend of mango, coconut, haze and citrus aromatic notes for when you want an uplifting afternoon.

MFNY Live Rosin Badder RAINBOW BELTS 2.0

MFNY's live rosin Rainbow Beltz 2.0 badder is a premium concentrate made from fresh frozen Rainbow Beltz 2.0 buds, resulting in an aromatic medley of fruits and sweet candy with a batter consistency. Rainbow Beltz 2.0 will calm your mind, relax your body, and leave you with an overall sense of euphoria.

Bundles APPLE SOURS 3.5 g

Apple Sours is a Hybrid-sativa flower with floral aromatic notes. With its lineage in Apple Fritter x Sherb x Kush Mints, this strain will leave you energized, creative and ready to take on the day. Extremely euphoric, this strain is an instant hitter.

Head & Heal MAX STRENGTH 1000 mg THC

For those who are seeking intensity. Head & Heal's Max Strength tincture has the strongest concentration of THC in an edible product legally allowed in NY State. Provides maximum results for those in need of potent and fast-acting support.

Florist Farms VELVET LUSHERS 1 oz

Experience the ultimate chill with Velvet Lushers. Its frosty buds with purple tips contains notes of grape and mint that will leave you in a state of pure relaxation and euphoria. This multi-cookie cross is a true mind and body bliss-out, give yourself the day off with Velvet Lushers.