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Gotham Guide: Cannabis Team

Gotham Guide: Cannabis Team

Jan 11 2024

Honest product reviews from our store staff, because who knows our product better than the people selling it?

Every time we consider carrying a new cannabis product at Gotham, we sample it first. Our cannabis sales associates are experts in their field—many have worked in the industry for years, and many have undergone special education and training to learn everything they can about cannabis. That’s why their recommendations to our shoppers are so good, and that’s why we have an internal product feedback groupchat. It’s very active, but two of our staff members are the most prolific product reviewers; we’ll call them J and S. Excerpted below are some of their recent reviews of the cannabis that made it onto the Gotham shelves.

Harney Brothers Daytime Dragon Oolong Tea

J states: "Delicious with subtle notes of dragonfruit. Calm, relaxed, focused high."

Rose Delights Apple Ume Ginger

S raves: "I ate 5 yesterday because they’re just so damn good to eat. Delights (and dark chocolate) are the only edibles that make me want to eat more like that anymore.

Texture and Mouthfeel - somewhere between fruit snack and taffy. The Delights almost melt as you take your first bite, then you have to work it around your teeth because it sticks. This actually contributes to the appetite for more - as you fight with the edible, your taste buds keep getting hit with all the flavors.

Effects - it’s an adventure. After 30 minutes, my face was warm and felt flushed, kind of like what some spices induce. At 1 hour, the high is a dead even hybrid. I was fully into the high by the 2 hour mark, where I felt settled and relaxed at my computer. Once I closed my games and said goodnight to the squad, the full effect hit. My bed was the perfect cradle. I woke up refreshed 7.5 hours later."

Harney Brothers Spicy Pound Town Tea

J reports: "Can taste the cinnamon and the cannabis. Love it. Will report on effects shortly."

One hour later, J gives an update.

"Energized, focused and awakened. And a nice functional body high, functional enough to be lying in a dentist’s chair getting my chipped filling fixed."

S raves: "Harney Bros Hot Cinnamon Pound Town tea - brewed with oat milk, and flavored with honey and ginger. I sipped alongside a dab of some Holy Roller. My upper back and shoulders are warm and tingly. Mild euphoria felt in the chest. If Harney packages 100 mg jars of this I will keep my cupboard stocked at all times."

Eaton Botanicals Daytime Elevation Peach Edibles

J reviews these new gummies: "Euphoric and uplifting. I was high from about 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Love that they’re 1:1 THC CBG ratio."

Head & Heal Max Strength THC Tincture

S reviews: "Head & Heal Max Strength THC tincture - I put some (about .25 mL; a few drops) to my finger and applied it to my sore and reddening nose and upper lip (tissue burn; I'm sick) about 10 minutes ago. The stinging sensation from irritation is gone."

MFNY Live Rosin Strawberry x Honey Banana

J says: "Honey Banana gummies are becoming my go-to workout strain. Popped 20 mg about 30 min ago. Enough focus and body relaxation to keep you moving. I just burst into laughter because I’m so high, I’m flying around the solar system at the speed of light!"