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Gotham Guide: Father's Day

Gotham Guide: Father's Day

Jun 15 2023

Dads are famously difficult to buy gifts for, unless they have an all-consuming, obscure hobby. Most don't, so, under the veil of anonymity, we had dads write their own Gotham product reviews.

It's a practically universal truth that your father is one of the hardest people to buy gifts for. As Father's Day approaches, we thought it might be helpful to go straight to the source and ask dads themselves: What do you want?

We reached out to our personal networks to source dads from all walks of life, and heard a common refrain from the children-of: "I'm so glad you reminded me, I haven't bought a gift yet." That's where Gotham comes in; place an order online and pick it up in-store the same day. He'll never know that you almost forgot, and you'll gift with the confidence that what you chose was recommended by a Real Live Dad.

A 35-year-old father of 1 in Tribeca wants Low Dose Strawberry Delights

“As a father and busy professional, sometimes (all the time) I just need to take the edge off, know what I'm saying? These are perfect because the low dose just smooths out the edges of life.”

A 54-year-old father of 3 in Queens wants Sackville NYC Sweatpants

“So glad I can be anonymous; not because I'm embarrassed to be a cannabis user but because my kids would cringe to read this. Our youngest just left for college and it's been an adjustment. My wife and I are empty nesters! We miss them! The silver lining is that we've been walking around the house pantsless a lot more, so it would be nice to have a pair of sweats to toss on to take out the trash.”

A 47-year-old father of 1 in The Hamptons wants a figgy fragrance

“I recently hung out with a friend who was wearing a fragrance I absolutely loved, but I felt weird asking what it was. I googled things like ‘fig bergamot coconut’ to no avail, and then eventually 'is it weird to ask someone what fragrance they're wearing.' Someone on Quora said it was fine, so I texted them and asked, and it was this. It's absolutely delicious: super figgy with an air of mischief. It's a welcome reminder that Good Dads can still be Bad."

A 47-year-old father of 2 in Brooklyn wants Matcha Raspberry Gummies

“The key to me successfully rediscovering cannabis in true adulthood, after ripping gravity bongs in college turned me off weed, was finding a perfectly gentle dose. For me, that's a CBD-forward ratio with 2.5mg of THC (I cut these in half). Even better with a sleepy splash of CBN. These are caffeine free, but the hint of matcha helps me feel like I could handle something unexpected if I really needed to. I would just prefer not to.”

A 62-year-old father of 4 in Beacon wants a backgammon board

“I'm freshly retired, and I have to admit: I am bored out of my mind. My wife and I have been gardening, biking, trying to discover some new hobby to hold my attention. Table games are the best thing I've found so far. I miss the mental stimulation and problem-solving I used at work, and backgammon keeps that part of my brain feeling active and elastic.”

Of course these dads can't truly speak for all dads. Your dad is special. Browse everything Gotham has to offer, from lifestyle to cannabis, and pick it up on the way to celebrate him.