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Gotham Guide: Stella Tan

Gotham Guide: Stella Tan

Oct 07 2023

We asked our Merchandising Manager, Stella Tan, who spends time with our selection every day, what she's using her employee discount on.

Stella Tan is a recent addition to Gotham but her impact is felt throughout the store! If you're a regular who has noticed the displays changing daily and somehow remaining beautiful every time, you have Stella to thank. Her merchandising of our Minh Le Studio bongs went wild on Instagram and they sold out the same day. She spends tons of time interacting with our non-cannabis, lifestyle products firsthand, so of course we had to ask her which are her favs.


"I purchased this in both colors after finding out that all proceeds post-production are donated to people currently and formerly incarcerated for cannabis through Last Prison Project's Constituent Fund. Since recreational marijuana has been legalized in New York, it's crazy to me that there are still people incarcerated for something that others are free to do."

Incense Matches - Coconut

"These are both equally easy to use and fun to use. Typical incense can be overpowering in smaller rooms but these are perfect for that! Coconut is my go-to fragrance since it's a mostly neutral scent that can be used for both small spaces and restrooms without being 'out of place.'"

Yew Yew Bong - Amber

"I'm such a sucker for a good bong and this one hits like a dream!! The original bowl for this pipe is a great size, and I have my own in there from a different bong - this makes for fun times if you're smoking different strains and want to swap bowls! Another fun addition is to add ice to the bong water, the mouthpiece is large enough for regular sized ice cubes to give a smoother and cooler hit ;)."

Vessel Helix One Hitter - Gunmetal

"I've always been a one-hitter, pipe, and bong kinda girl. I love a good joint/blunt but those always use more flower than I need for a quick session. This was the perfect upgrade from the cigarette looking one-hitter from my local *unlicensed* smoke shop. Sooo easy to clean and the spiral inside prevents me from inhaling residual ash or bud!!"

StashLogix Highland Locking Stash Bag - Black

"My new obsession - I was honestly a little skeptical about how scent-proof it would be, but this is amazing. This holds so much more than you think it would, I probably have about 30+ pre-rolls in there with a couple of lighters. You can put cards or other miscellaneous items in the front/back zipper compartments. I love that it locks and the lock is under the bag flap so it's super discreet and just looks like a regular crossbody bag (with a detachable strap!!!)"

Sackville Carry Case Keychain - Gold

"She's perfect and she's beautiful! I have this hooked on my Stash Logix Highland Locking Stash Bag so I have a joint readily available without unlocking the bag. This is also great to stash your clips and roaches when you're out and about. Super convenient and I always prefer a twist cap over a pull cap for my doob tubes - much more scent proof!"

Extra Vitamins Stoned Hoodie - Black

"It's almost hoodie weather!!! I purchased this one size up to wear oversized, and I'm a sucker for a witty graphic. The collaboration with OnlyNY and Extra Vitamins is just a plus - streetwear with a little bit of mischief. We also have a t-shirt with the same graphics if you want more options to layer and style!"

Urania's Children - Divine Nectar Eau De Parfum

"One of our newest arrivals in fragrances and I am obsessed! This is the perfect balance of sweet and warmth. I'm a huge fan of anything that smells sweet and delectable and this is the oneee. Urania's Children has no gender restrictions, and is inspired by the epithet of Aphrodite and astronomy, showcasing the constellations on their packaging. Aside from the simple but gorgeous packaging, the fragrances are hand blended and poured in London!!"