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What We're Listening To

What We're Listening To

May 30 2023

A collection of sounds playing in-store at Gotham.

Gotham is about New York, and New York doesn't exist without its music. Visit our store and you'll hear it; we put a lot of thought into what you hear while you shop. If you haven't been able to stop in yet but still want to experience, take a look at our in-store playlists, curated by our team to fit every vibe.

Gotham Calm, when the store is just opening.

When the store is waking up in the city that never sleeps, we're in a sentimental mood with the likes of Duke Ellington, Solange, and KAYTRANADA. Click here to listen.

Gotham Rise, when the day starts to heat up.

A few hours after Gotham's doors open, we turn up the temperature with Gotham Rise, an eclectic mix featuring tracks from many genres. The vibe blends seamlessly from Gal Costa, Brazil's most iconic Tropicalia singer, to Cutty Ranks, the Jamaican dancehall icon. Click here to listen.

Gotham Vibe, as the work day comes to a close.

If you dipped out on your work day early after a 4 pm meeting and stopped by for a pre-roll to unwind, Gotham Vibe is what you'll hear. The perfect playlist for the pre-game features rising solo star, the Portugal-born Danish singer Erika de Casier, and names we all know, like Mark Ronson, Frank Ocean, Ghostface Killah, and Talking Heads. Click here to listen.

Gotham Chill, as we wrap things up.

Night never really ends in the city; it begins, certainly, but it goes on as long as you do. Once you've stocked up on what you need, Gotham closes its doors and releases you to all the events the city has to offer. Gotham Chill is the soundtrack for that time, featuring cult-favorite Fred Again, down-tempo classics from Arthur Russell, and some newer artists we're sure you'll love. Click here to listen.

Some extra credit, just for fun.

Looking to broaden your musical horizons? Our team curated a playlist just for you. International Hip Hop features rap and hip hop in almost every language you can think of, from Sidhu Moose Wala, the late Indian rap icon who was recently memorialized by Drake, to Aya Nakamura, a rising star in the French scene, to Gunes, a Turkish rapper influenced by electronic music. Click here to listen and expand your taste.