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Birthday Party

Gotham's First Birthday

Gotham's First Birthday

May 10 2024

In celebration of our first birthday, our team is sharing what they love most about working at Gotham.

One year ago today, Gotham opened its doors in the greatest city in the world. In celebration of this milestone, we've asked some of our team members to share their favorite memories from their time at Gotham.

Wiley Kimelman, Sales Associate

Gotham team member since October 14, 2023

“My favorite Gotham memory is either getting to tour the MFNY farm or the 420 block party. I loved Yung Joc. Getting to see how my favorite brand works from the ground up, touring their laboratory and being super high on a beautiful weed farm.”

Geraldine Hessler, VP of Marketing

Gotham team member since September 6, 2023

“There are so many, I feel like I’ve worked here forever! My first day working here the whole staff went on a team outing to go bowling & to an arcade together, and I played mini-basketball with the founder, Joanne.”

Justise Hayward, Head of Concierge

Gotham team member since June 10, 2023

“My favorite time was when we closed the store down for a staff appreciation party and had a joint rolling contest. I should’ve won, but I didn’t…rigged!”

Joanne Wilson, Founder

Gotham team member since before Gotham existed

“420 was fucking epic. The opening, so many people came and then all the sudden we were selling legal cannabis. A dream come true.”

Rachel Bell, Director of Content & Social Media

Gotham team member since January 23, 2023

“Honestly, I’ve been exhilarated by this work since the day I joined. Navigating the complicated world of internet marketing in controlled substances has required a lot of creativity; I’ll never forget Gotham’s Instagram winning a Clio.”

Zoe Maya Jones Abudu, Director of Gotham Goods

Gotham team member since July 1, 2023

“This may sound cliche, but every time I go to our store I make a new favorite memory. From being greeted by our fabulous concierges to talking shop with our stellar sales teams, I always learn something new, find a new favorite strain, and walk away having made a genuine connection. I love being a customer as much as I love working with this amazing team!”

Owen Mizrahi, Associate Director of Tech

Gotham team member since August 10, 2023

“I love everything about this place. Launching delivery was fun, I really got to build something truly from the ground up and got to be innovative in the space.”

Anesia Saunders, Marketing Coordinator

Gotham team member since October 28, 2023

“My favorite memory is having a dance party with co- workers mid shift. There is always such good energy and even on a busy day finding a moment to dance with my co- workers speaks to how amazing our team is”

Lucie Reiss, Creative Content Coordinator

Gotham team member since June 28, 2023

“I loved shooting the styling videos for Instagram and seeing all of the Gotham team members create their own vision from the inventory and express themselves creatively.”

Nevette Bailey, VP of Engineering and Technology

Gotham team member since March 4th, 2024

“I love working with so many powerful women. There's also no better weed than Gotham weed.”