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Gotham Staff Reviews: Shane's Favorite Concentrates

Gotham Staff Reviews: Shane's Favorite Concentrates

Mar 13 2024

Gotham’s own concentrate expert, Shane, gives us the rundown on his favorites.

Blotter Live Resin Sugar Slurricane

Slurricane begins as a massage at the back of the head and a buzz in the forehead, then bathes the brain cage in a warming euphoria. It creeps down the brain stem into the upper back. The extremities tingle and body aches melt away. The mood waves between giggly and playful.

Euphoric, giggly, noodly and playful - you may slur while under the spell of your own musings as you let Slurricane sweep you up. It’s okay, though; you’re just high.

Nose and taste - sweet cream, sour gas

Texture - soft, sauce

Blotter Live Resin Sugar Jelly Cake

Grab a stainless steel tool, because Jelly Cake was mined from the heart of Resin Mountain, where some of the chunkiest THCa diamonds form. But seriously, Jelly Cake is a sweet, delicious serving of chunky diamonds all bound together by sticky terpene sauce. Broken down, it resembles wet brown sugar. If you like racy head highs, then Jelly Cake is a delectable option. Its high THC content and drier consistency will send your headspace to dazzling highs, where everything and everyone is just awesome, without a pillowy descent that leaves your body feeling noodly.

Nose and taste - sweet, dessert-like

Texture - hard, syrupy

MFNY Live Resin Badder Holy Roller

"Holy Roller” is synonymous with “mental clarity.” The entire experience happens above the shoulders.

Waves of euphoria ripple through the back of the head, much like a fancy massage chair at a mall (minus the physical pressure). This can lead to increased focus, a lift-off effect, or a catatonic state similar to a psychedelic experience, depending on your setting. Indulge in Holy Roller with friends to experience deeper connections and conversations. Try some at home in mood-setting lighting while listening to your favorite music to explore an enhanced auditory experience. Replace your morning caffeine with a dab to wipe away brain fog without an afternoon crash. Holy Roller is a versatile strain that’s sure to set the headspace where it needs to be.

Nose and taste - pungent citrus, “clean and refreshing”

Texture - wet badder

MFNY Live Resin Badder Honey Banana

Thoroughly stimulating. Honey Banana is one of those strains that just hits all the right points to keep you wanting some in your fridge at all times: mildly sweet, gassy nose and taste, body euphoria, pain-numbing tingles, and strong psychoactive effects. Don’t be surprised if you or a friend becomes the life of the party after consuming; it’s just THAT good. Moderate your dosing, though, because the tail-end of the experience becomes cozy.

Nose and taste - banana and gas

Texture - wet badder

MFNY Live Resin Badder Strawpaya

If taste is a criterion at the top of your list for a good gram of concentrate, then look no further. Strawpaya tastes like something you’d eat or prepare food with: rich fruit, menthol, and black pepper. It’s a dessert waiting to be dabbed, or smeared onto a roll with a hot knife. “Even Steven” describes the ride, as this strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid. Cerebral effects are uplifting but not buzzing, and the body high is relaxing yet functional. With a strain this balanced, it’s up to you to choose your own adventure.

Nose and taste - rich, sweet fruit, menthol, black pepper

Texture - clay, dough

MFNY Live Resin Badder OISHII #4

Delicious! No but seriously, “oishii” means “delicious” in Japanese, and a taste of this certainly is so. Have you ever had a strain that tasted sweet and savory? Oishii #4 presents itself as a spiced green apple with a hint of vinegar. The flavor notes are balanced perfectly, like a carefully curated dish.

The effects are intensely satisfying as well. The initial experience is a HOT and tingly face, tongue, and neck. Your eyes will be wide open as your brain is piecing together what just happened, and then you just won’t care anymore because you’ll have arrived. Where, you ask? At the place you need to be, and you’ll be at peace. Settle into the body tingles that reach all the way to the soles of your feet.

Nose and taste - sour green apple, spice

Texture - whipped badder

MFNY Live Rosin Badder Rainbow Belts 2.0

D’ya like candy? Because that’s what Rainbow Belts 2.0 will remind you of - a colorful mixing of flavors across your taste buds when consumed. A vIbrant warmth radiates throughout your body and reaches deep into your essence soon after taking your dab. It’s best to find a comfortable space and just let the experience take you on a cozy journey away from all your aches and troubles. Dab at lower temperatures for the best experience.

Nose and taste - candy

Texture - whipped badder