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When Fashion Meets Cannabis: Flower by Edie Parker

When Fashion Meets Cannabis: Flower by Edie Parker

Feb 27 2024

The long-time cannadjacent fave makes a splash in THC.

Brett Heyman isn’t your average stoner babe. Nor is she your typical fashion girlie, having launched her Edie Parker handbag line in 2010, with home goods following shortly thereafter in 2016. She subsequently expanded to smoking accessories three years later with Flower by Edie Parker, a growing collection of ashtrays, apparel, lighters and more that has merged her fan base across all three categories.

As with the original Edie Parker brand, the entrepreneur taps into a growing niche in the market, namely cannabis users who would rather not hide their paraphernalia when guests come over. Display worthy packaging is the name of the game, and Flower by Edie Parker follows in the footsteps of Hyman’s signature acrylic bags, with branding and products that are similarly bright, playful, and tongue-in-cheek. Now the brand has grown once again to include cannabis itself, with pre-rolls, flower, and vapes all available to shoppers who are interested in an ultra luxe cannabis lifestyle.

Curious to check out what Flower by Edie Parker has to offer? Keep scrolling for Gotham’s lineup of products.

Petal Puffer Vapes

This all-in-one .5g Distillate Vape is accompanied by a limited edition Flower by Edie Parker mirror compact, and is available in three terpene-rich blends: Maui Mango, Lemon Watermelon, and Lavender Vanilla.

Good Morning Sativa Maui Mango

Reach for this blend of sweet tropical flavors to ensure an energized start to your morning.

Good Afternoon Hybrid Lemon Watermelon

Ideal for that afternoon pick-me-up, this hybrid blend is packed with juicy watermelon notes and tangy lemon citrus.

Good Night Indica Lavender Vanilla

Relax and unwind after a long day of work or play with chill-inducing vanilla and lavender notes.

Best Buds Pre-Roll Twin Packs

One for you and one for your best bud, these individually packaged pre-rolls are available in three premium blends and feature the Flower by Edie Parker smell-proof doob tube for easy transport.

Early Bird Sativa

Boost your creative juices with an energizing sativa that is just begging for you to share with your work wife.

Happiest Hour Hybrid

Stressful day at work? Take the edge off with a touch of hybrid bliss and return to work happy and content.

Nightcap Indica

Perfect your wind down routine with a dose of relaxed, hazy indica and prepare for an evening of zero stress.

Flower Pots

Don’t be fooled by Flower by Edie Parker’s playful packaging — the brand is serious about craft cannabis, and is dedicated to bringing ultra-luxe, high quality cannabis to its customers.

Early Bird Sativa Blueberry Haze

For a prolific daytime high, start your morning off right with a focused sativa.

Happiest Hour Hybrid Peanut Butter Breath

Endless to-do list got you feeling down? This hybrid blend helps relieve some of that anxious energy so you can re-center during your busiest days.

Nightcap Indica Gelato Cake

Relax and recover with a touch of indica, aka the perfect after-work indulgence.