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Buying Women-Owned at Gotham

Buying Women-Owned at Gotham

Mar 01 2024

Joints, candles, bongs, fragrance and more, all from woman-owned brands. Updated every day of March.

March 31st: Gotham Goods

Gotham Goods A Thousand Kisses CBD Roller

A Thousand Kisses is a fresh, vibrant fragrance with notes of night blooming jasmine, fiery amber, and verdant ivy. Roll desired amount onto pulse points, neck, or wrists for a touch of feel-good fragrance.

Gotham Goods My Sweet Jane CBD Roller

Gotham Goods CBD oil provides targeted relief combined with fine fragrance in a convenient, easy to use roll-on applicator. Notes of oakmoss, birch and fir will add to the grounding, deeply soothing power of My Sweet (Mary) Jane.

Gotham Goods Because of the Night CBD Roller

For when your in the mood to be deliciously relaxed. Aromatic notes of leather, rose & cedar.

March 30th: Eau Claire Resin

Eau Claire Resin XL Flower Ashtray

Step into spring with the Eau Claire Resin Flower Ashtray. Perfect for putting out your joint in style, or bringing life to your space.

Eau Claire Resin Orb Roach Clip

Hold your treats in style with the Eau Claire Resin Orb Roach Clip. Because your accessories should be as gorgeous as you.

March 29th: Celia Torvisco

Celia Torvisco Basket Bag

The Basket Bag Exterior basket is made from full grain vegetable tanned leather from France. Perfect for a hectic day on-the-go or a romantic date night. Also comes in black, white/green and brown. All bags are handmade in France.

March 28th: Danica Candles

Danica Candles 17" Taper Candles

The Danica candles are created through a blend of beeswax, other premium waxes and dyes to create a rainbow of hues in today's palette. Unscented and solid color throughout.

Danica Candles 13" Taper Candles

The Danica candle is a product of successive layering of our artful dipping process that assures a quality hand-dipped taper candle to enlighten and illuminate your table and spirit.

March 27th: Neo Design

Neo Design C4 Basket

Small round basket hand crocheted with 8 mm neoprene yarn, also available in grey, black and orange.

Neo Design C2 Basket

Store all your necessities chicly. The perfect resting spot for all your goodies.

March 26th: Lite Year

Lite Year Work Jacket

Elevate any outfit with the Lite Year Work Jacket. Perfect for layering from summer to winter.

Lite Year NY Baseball Cap

Complete your look with the Lite Year NY Baseball Cap. High Rise Crown with adjustable snap closure and "NY" embroidery.

Lite Year Cotton Ripstop Drawstring Pants

Lite Year traditional workwear staple made from cotton ripstop. Dyed and treated locally in Los Angeles.

March 25th: Barbari

Barbari 5 pack Hemp and Herbal Spliffs

The Barbari herbal smoking blends are for those moments when you seek to calm and quiet the mind. Combined with hemp CBD, these floral pre-rolls are perfect for floating into a relaxed state of mind.

Ingredients: Hemp, raspberry leaf, sage, rose, lavender, blue lotus Contains ~30mg (5%) CBD and less than .3% THC

Barbari Herbal Blend 16g Jar

Let go of that to-do list and float through your day with Free Time and transport yourself to a calm daydream for moments of adventure, meditation, and recreation. All BARBARI Herbal Blends are made with organic, food-grade herbs in Portland, Oregon.

Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, wormwood, lemon balm, and calendula

March 24th: OYOY

OYOY Toppu Tray Large

With its black and white color and graphic shape, the Toppu Tray Large is the perfect display for fruits, pastries and all of your favorite treats.

OYOY Inkka Wood Tray

Made from oak, the oval and organic shape of the Inka Wood Tray gives a modern and calm expression in the home. Use the tray as a display or for a gorgeous serving instrument.

March 23rd: Level

Level Protab Indica

Level tablets provide a functional high that maximizes the fidelity of the plant, providing the consistency, predictability, and targeted effects that differentiate and elevate the LEVEL experience.

Level Protab Sativa

High potency, 20mg THC tablets. Tiny tablets with big effects.

March 22nd: Gotham Goods

Gotham Goods Because of the Night Candle

Like a night out in the city in your favorite leather jacket, this candle makes you feel like you’re sat at a low lit mahogany bar that smells just the right amount of smoky.

Gotham Goods A Thousand Kisses CBD Bath Soak

Bath amidst a thousand kisses as you unwind within an aromatic blend of jasmine, verdant ivy, and fiery amber. Just add two tablespoons of soak to a drawn bath for a 30mg dose of CBD and be on your way to bliss.

Gotham Goods Sweet Jane 1500mg CBD Lotion

Nourish your skin with our custom blend of shea, cocoa, vitamin E, and 1500mg full-spectrum CBD. The scent of oakmoss, birch and fir will add to the grounding, deeply soothing power of sweet Mary Jane.

March 21st: 555 Soul

The Newer York Long Sleeve Tee

Sleek, stylish, and on-the-nose; the Newer York Long Sleeve Tee is the perfect addition to any outfit.

555 Soul Logo Hoodie

Enhance your wardrobe staples with the 555 Soul Logo Hoodie. Because even your basics should be stylish.

March 20th: Yield

Yield Double-Wall Glass Set

The double-wall glass provides insulation suitable for use with hot or cold drinks. Put your coffee, tea, cocktails, or water on an elegant display with the Yield Double-Wall Glass Set.

Yield Candle Snuffer

Safely extinguish a flame and optimize candle longevity with this stainless steel candle snuffer.

March 19th: Edie Parker

Good Afternoon Hybrid Watermelon Slushie

A hybrid all-in-one vape with a lemon citrus, juicy watermelon taste. For when you need a pick-me-up.

Edie Parker Grape Pipe

Made of borosilicate glass, the Grape Pipe is the perfect way to enhance your smoking experience, and your conversation. Offer it to guests as a post-meal snack or an unexpected dessert.

Early Bird Papaya Wine 2-pack

The Early Bird Papaya Wine is a sativa pre-roll to amplify your focus and creativity. A pack of two, 0.5 g joints.

Edie Parker Tabletop Grinder

The Tabletop Grinder is a four piece color-block grinder tool that will put some pep in your step and add a splash of flavor to your tabletop.

March 18th: Mantle

Mantle The Dream Mask

The Dream Mask is a gel-textured overnight hydration bomb designed to enhance your skin's recovery and regeneration process while plumping and evening out the skin.

Mantle The Chill Cream

The Chill Cream is a light-textured 24h moisturizer designed to balance and maintain a healthy skin barrier. With a delicate blend of barrier-strengthening CBD, niacinamide, bakuchiol, ceramides and soothing rosemary extract, it calms redness, increases elasticity and provides deep hydration.

March 17th: Gossamer

Gossamer Happy Hour Pre-Rolls

Seven perfectly rolled mini joints designed to give you the leisurely smoking experience you crave, minus the high. With floral notes of camomile, vanilla, and peppercorn, Happy Hour pre-rolls offer an uplifting, body-relaxing buzz, a burst of creativity, and a cloud of calm.

Gossamer Magazine Vol. 8

This volume explores the ways in which we fill space—with objects or ideas, silence or sound, religion or drugs. You’ll find Conversations Jason Stewart, Pia Riverola, Kenisha White, Janna Levin and Kika Keith.

Gossamer x Rose Delights

CBD rosin-infused Turkish delights. Each Stoned Fruit delight is infused with 10 milligrams of certified organic “Lifter” hemp flower rosin from New York’s female-owned Hudson Hemp.

March 16th: Soft Power Sweets

Soft Power Sweets I Love You Chocolate Hearts

Deliciously vegan, the Soft Power Sweets I Love You Chocolate Hearts are the perfect evening treat. 10 mg THC per chocolate.

Soft Power Sweets Tart Cherry Chocolate Bar

End your evening with a sweet that will make you feel just as good as it tastes. 60 mg THC per bar, 2.5 mg THC per piece.

March 15th: Pretti.Cool

Pretti.Cool Candlestick Set

Constructed from concrete and recycled glass, the Pretti.Cool Candlestick Set can be arranged in a multitude of ways to create a sculptural element on your table that is also functional. Comes as a set of 2.

Pretti.Cool Wine Bottle Coaster

The Pretti.Cool Wine Bottle Coaster will elevate your dining table, while giving your bottle a cozy place to rest.

March 14th: Tetra

Tetra Elbow Pipe

Made from borosilicate glass, the Elbow Pipe lets you watch as smoke billows inside it each time you puff. While on the larger side, the Elbow pipe still fits perfectly into one hand. Contains a carb and an upturned bowl on one side, and a mouthpiece on the opposite side.

Tetra Slide Lighter

Light-up without a flame. Chic, sleek, and easy; simply slide the top panel down to reveal, and instantly heat up, the electric coil. The Tetra slide lighter is rechargeable and fuel-free.

Tetra Balance Pipe

The Tetra Balance Pipe is made from borosilicate glass that does not conduct heat, making for a cooler, smoother, sleeker smoke. When you have had enough, the balance pipe sits gorgeously on a flat surface, ready for your next seamless smoke.

March 13th: Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca I LOVE NY Cotton Cashmere Crewneck

Show your NYC pride while looking absolutely fabulous in the Lingua Franca I LOVE NY Cotton Cashmere Crewneck, perfect for any season.

Gotham x Lingua Franca Leaf Cotton Cashmere Sweater

Gotham collaborated with the amazing Lingua Franca to create an original cannabis leaf embroidered sweater. Need we say more?

March 12th: Hudson Cannabis

Hudson Cannabis Papa Smurf 3.5 g

Papa Smurf is a sativa flower that offers a gradual and euphoric high while enhancing your focus.

Hudson Cannabis 87 Lime Pop 7-pack

87 Lime Pop is an energizing and uplifting sativa that will get you moving and chatting. Elevate your mood, let go of anxiety or stress, and fly through the day. Seven .5 g joints.

Hudson Cannabis Farmers' Blend Single

Farmers' Blend is a balanced hybrid, created from a mix of 3+ strains to create a unique Hudson Cannabis medley.

March 11th: Everyday Oil

Everyday Oil Mainstay Oil

Mainstay is completely plant-based nourishing oil with a calming signature scent with aromatic notes that allude to the ocean and salty skin. Mainstay contains the organic essential oils of palo santo, lavender, geranium, and clary sage.

Everyday Oil Baseline Oil

Baseline is completely unscented with no essential oils, perfect for ultimate simplicity when deeply hydrating the skin. Made from organic coconut, jojoba, olive, castor, and argan oil.

March 10th: Yew Yew Shop

Yew Yew Shop Wavy Mini Bong

The Mini Wavy Bong is perfect for a solo smoke session or a smoke hangout with all your besties. Packs the perfect not-so-big hit. Also available in green, pink, orange and yellow.

Yew Yew Shop Wavy Ashtray

Crafted from pressed glass, the Wavy Ashtray is the perfect multi-purpose addition to any room. Use the Wavy Ashtray when you need a place for your joint to nap, or as a chic place to store your lighters and eyedrops.

Yew Yew Shop Cloud Grinder

Achieve a super-smooth grind every time with this gorgeous conversation starter.

March 9th: Extra Vitamins

Extra Vitamins Stoned Hoodie

Wear what you love. Mid-weight 100% cotton fleece. Screen-printed graphic.

Extra Vitamins Peace Turtle Hat

The Peace Turtle Hat is an unstructured six panel cap with an adjustable metal clasp and a hand dyed with embroidered logo. Wear it while you lay under the sun, when you go for a walk, or to complete any outfit.

March 8th: Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy Amethyst Crush

Amethyst Crush is a gorgeous sativa flower to cultivate a euphoric and creative high. Each batch of Angel therapy flower is hand-harvested, hand- trimmed and hand-packaged.

Angel Therapy Vacation Forever

Transport yourself into a state of utter relaxation and bliss with Angel Therapy's Vacation Forever. Vacation Forever is an indica flower with primary terpenes of caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene.

Angel Therapy Banana Party

Angel Therapy Banana Party is a hybrid flower that leaves you elated and uplifted. Angel Therapy approaches their selection process with reverence and respect for this sacred plant, which they believe is a divine gift from nature. The result is a unique and gorgeous smoking experience.

March 7th: Bodha

Bodha Vibration Therapeutic Perfume

Hand-made perfume oil created with vegan & sustainably sourced ingredients in Los Angeles.

Bodha Smokeless Ritual Incense

With a calming and gentle fragrance & a smokeless burn, the Bodha incense establishes an environment of peace and relaxation.

Bodha Ritual Oil Diffuser

The Bodha Ritual Oil Diffuser is the perfect tool to both calm the nervous system and naturally scent a room. This sculptural, sleek silhouette is a gorgeous addition to any room.

March 6th: Minna

Minna Pantelho Pillow

The Pantelho Pillow is the perfect addition to any sofa or bed, utilized to elevate the look of the space while being soft enough for a cozy nap. Handcrafted from 100% cotton.

Minna Marta Throw

As versatile as it is cozy, the Marta Throw is comfortable at home and on the road. Throw over the couch, bed, or table; spread out at the beach or picnic at the park. Handwoven in partnership with a family-run cooperative in Mitla, Mexico.

March 5th: 1906

1906 LOVE Beans

A fast acting aphrodisiac to open yourself up to love. 5 mg THC: 5 mg CBD per bean.

1906 Sleep Drops

No more nights of tossing and turning with this fast acting sleep pill. Made to enhance your evening routine. 5 mg THC: 5 mg CBD per drop.

1906 Bliss Drops 2-Pk

Enter a state of pure Bliss with these fast acting drops. This blend of cannabis and other plant medicine transports you to a state of happiness and euphoria in a matter of minutes.

March 4th: Meals

Meals Flour Chef Short

From the two big patch pockets, the wide leg openings and elastic waist and draw string, The Flour Chef Shorts are the perfect pant for any spring plans.

Meals Kale Green Chef Pant

The Kale Green Chef Pant is a cropped, elastic waist pant with five pockets, perfect for securing all of your necessities. Made in LA.

March 3rd: Sackville

Sackville NYC Crew Sweatshirt

The Greetings from NY crewneck makes an ode to the Big Apple pipe on the front with a step-by-step guide to getting high on the fly on the back, paired with the signature Sackville logo.

Sackville Signature Grinder

The Signature Grinder is a timeless stoner staple. Including diamond-sharp teeth, a fine mesh screen, and a kief catcher, and an adorable miniature shovel, the Signature Grinder has it all.

Sackville Chili Pepper Lighter

The Chili Pepper Lighter is the hottest summer accessory. Shaped like a spicy treat, this refillable lighter is the perfect tool to light up at home or on the go.

March 2nd: House of Puff

House Of Puff Soho Joint Holder

Look fabulous while smoking with the Soho Joint Holder. This sophisticated accessory prevents your lips from coming into contact with the filter while protecting your throat, fingers, makeup, and clothes.

House Of Puff Nebula Tray

This best-selling rolling tray is specially designed to make rolling a breeze. Inspired by rolling trays in Amsterdam coffeeshops, the Nebula Tray also comes in green, purple, pink, blue and black.

March 1: D.S & Durga

D.S & Durga I Don't Know What Body Soap

This cult favorite fragrance enhancer I Don't Know What adds radiance to all it touches. Aromatic notes of bergamot essence, vetiver and ambrox super.

D.S & Durga Radio Bombay Eau de Parfum

An earthy, sexy medley of sandalwood, copper, radiant wood, musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coco and cedar distillates.

D.S & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle

Cozy up by the fireplace, even when you don't have one. Notes of cedar, smoke and birch.