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LOVE | Beans


+ Artisanal dark chocolate-covered coffee beans

+ 100 mg THC: 100 mg CBD per tin

+ 5 mg THC: 5 mg CBD per bean

+ 20 beans per tin

+ Fast-acting onset within 20 minutes

An aphrodisiac made from five exotic herbs renowned for their love-enhancing properties, and cannabis to increase sensuality.

Love is the world's first equal opportunity aphrodisiac. It's formulated to work equally well on all genders. Love increased blood flow, boosts lubrication, diminishes inhibition, and improves sexual stamina.

Great for extra-special date nights, solo or partnered intimacy, heart-opening exploration, boosting arousal of all genders and (legal) ages.

1906 is the year the Wiley Act was passed, which began the era of prohibition of cannabis in the US. We believe it's time to bring cannabis back to the mainstream, for the greater good (and greater fun).