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ZAWTZ | 3.5 g


+ 3.5 g flower

+ Strain type: Hybrid-balanced

+ Primary terpenes: farnesene, valencene, caryophyllene

+ Nose/flavor: herbs, citrus fruits

+ Typical effects: intense, cerebral, relaxed, balanced

Notes of spicy pepper are present, along with flavors of herbs and citrus fruits. Farnesene, valencene, and caryophyllene come together to create this unique blend of flavors. Zawtz is known for its intense, cerebral high that is long-lasting. These effects are countered by full body relaxation, creating a balanced experience.

Aeterna Cannabis is a family-owned cannabis cultivation facility located in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Our cannabis plants are grown in our state-of-the-art greenhouses, where they have access to the sun's nutrient-dense energy while being protected from harsh weather and pests. These greenhouses provide the perfect climate-controlled environment to grow the highest-quality flower year-round.

Our knowledgeable team works closely with the plants during every step of the process. By hand-watering, hand-feeding, and hand-trimming, we can ensure a consistent end product with every harvest. We use advanced pheno-hunting techniques to guarantee that only our strongest genetics with high cannabinoid and terpene profiles move forward. With our Head Grower’s 12+ years of experience

leading the way, we’re here to set the standard. Aeterna Cannabis is a diverse team of passionate individuals who are ready to supply New Yorkers with the premium cannabis they deserve.