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Live Resin Sugar JELLY CAKE | 1 g


+ 1 g fresh-frozen, live-resin sugar

+ Rich in terpenes and THCa crystals

+ Full spectrum

+ Strain Type: Hybrid-balanced

+ Nose/flavor: sweet, raspberry-lemon cake, sage, pine

+ Typical effects: relaxed

+ Lineage: Biscotti x Sherbet

Remember to pack a lunch before melting down this bowl of sugar. Jelly Cake is a treat that keeps on giving, with a long-lasting, relaxing high that will take you all the way through the dessert course. With a combination of sweetness on the nose reminiscent of raspberry-lemon cake with cool sage and pine, the smooth, creamy vapor is the icing on top. Made from fresh frozen bud straight from the field, this Hybrid cross between our beloved Biscotti and Sherbet strains is a show-stopping, cake-topping, crumbleiscious concentrate.

Curated cannabis exclusively for the NY connoisseur. Our concentrates start with the finest fresh-frozen flower in the state and end up as the cleanest, strongest true-to-strain extracts on the market.