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Live Resin Sugar SOUR DIESEL | 1 g


+ 1 g fresh-frozen, live resin sugar

+ Rich in terpenes and THCa crystals

+ Full spectrum

+ Strain type: Hybrid-sativa

Blotter's Live Resin starts with top-quality flower picked at its peak. It's then frozen immediately to preserve all of the strain's signature flavors and aromas. Extracted with precision, the plant's natural profile is preserved throughout the process. The result is a blend of sugary crystals and terpenes that deliver a flavorful and full-bodied experience that remains true to the strain. Live Resin Sugar can vary in it's consistency from a fine powder to a more gooey, honey-like texture. Blotter's Live Resin Sugar is a great way to explore the unique flavor profiles of each individual strain. Blotter is grown and extracted in Cortland, New York by a team of passionate farmers and extractors.

Curated cannabis exclusively for the NY connoisseur. Our concentrates start with the finest fresh-frozen flower in the state and end up as the cleanest, strongest true-to-strain extracts on the market.