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+ 3.5 g

+ THC: 20%

+ Strain type: Hybrid-sativa

+ Nose/flavor: floral, sour

+ Typical effects: energizing, creative, focused, hungry

+ Lineage: Apple Fritter x Sherb x Kush Mints

Jumpstart your day with this sour-gas smelling sativa leaner that will have your face pucker every time you put your nose to a nug. Extremely euphoric, this strain is an instant hitter. A unique blend of taste & smell makes it perfect for the connoisseur.

Bundles takes a refined approach to cannabis from seed to inhale, curated by connoissueurs. They know cannabis is connected to New York culture like Biggie Smalls, fast-paced walking, and a folded slice of pizza. They believe The People deserve a brand they can depend on when it comes to quality and consistency at the highest levels.