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+ Comes in an aluminum bottle: 240 mg THC

+ 24 servings per bottle | 10 mg THC per teaspoon

+ Local Wildflower Honey from NY

+ CFH uses include simple syrup for cocktails and beverages, glazes and marinades, and dressings.

Honey has been used for its nutritional value since ancient times. Taking one spoonful of honey every day can have numerous benefits to your health. You can use it as a sweetener in your beverages (tea/coffee/smoothies), sauce recipes or a spoonful at night before bed or when you have a cold.

Start with one teaspoon and wait 1-2 hours for effects.

For ease of use, you can place the bottle of honey in a pot of hot water to reduce viscosity.

Chef For Higher is the first culinary lifestyle company founded in NY and cultivated for this moment in the medicinal plant movement. CFH uses the universal language of food to normalize the use of cannabinoids as essential for optimal human health and holistic well-being.

Chef For Higher cooking essentials are infused at low temperatures to not degrade the natural beneficial properties or taste. We have standardized the bottle and dose to make measuring easier.