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+ 2 g all-in-one vaporizer

+ High terpene extract (HTE) and liquid diamonds

+ Total Cannabinoids: 74%

+ THC Total: 65%

+ Primary terpenes: b-caryophyllene, limonene

+ Nose/flavor: sweet, fruity, earthy

+ Typical effects: relaxing, uplifting, creative

Explore the pure essence of cannabis with our Georgia Pie AIO 2-gram vape, meticulously crafted from High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract and Liquid Diamonds. This premium cartridge delivers an authentic and potent experience, featuring a rich concentration of naturally occurring terpenes extracted directly from the source. No additional botanical or cannabis-derived terpenes are added, ensuring an unadulterated and robust flavor profile that truly represents its original strain.

Introducing Continental Exotics, the premier New York cannabis brand inspired by the culture of action sports, music and world travel. Continental Exotics isn't just your average cannabis label—it's a beacon of authenticity, quality, and elevated creative experiences. Say goodbye to botanical and hemp derived terpenes—our lineup is exclusively 100% strain specific, offering a diverse full spectrum experience of terpenes and cannabinoids.