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Be Bright | INFUSED GINGER (Sativa) | 2-Pack


+ .5 g x 2-pack joints

+ THC: 33%

+ Botanical kief infused prerolls

+ BE BRIGHT | Ginger + Sativa

+ Nose/flavor: ginger, spice

+ Typical effects: stimulating, energized

A burst of ginger grabs your attention. The bright spice collides with the citrus-driven sativa cultivar stimulating your mind and body. You find yourself on the dance floor and exhale, “Be bright.”

We’ve added hand-produced single-strain kief to further elevate the experience and cannabinoid content, pairing perfectly with our sativa cultivar.

This curated blend of cannabis and botanicals was formulated by Drew Martin, an award-winning mixologist and herbalist, to harness the power of plants through cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanicals.