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+ 20 gummies per tin

+ 100 mg THC: 100 mg CBD per tin

+ 5 mg THC: 5 mg CBD per gummy

+ Made with chasteberry, magnolia bark, vitamin B6, lion's mane

+ Fast-acting nanotechnology

+ Made with fruit puree

+ No artificial dyes or flavors

+ Vegan, dairy free, gluten free

Ladies, say hello to Gal Pal - your new best friend for anytime of the month. Made with real organic watermelon puree, infused with CBD, organic lion’s mane, magnolia bark extract, chasteberry, and Vitamin B6; these low dose vegan gummies turn hormonal tidal waves into smooth sailing seas. Formulated by holistic health practitioners, our carefully curated ingredients work even better when taken routinely, so enjoy them daily to maximize long term relief of PMS and perimenopause symptoms.

Eaton Botanicals was born upstate on our organic farm in the rolling green hills of Eaton, NY. It was here back in 2016 that our founders made history planting New York's very first legal hemp seed in over 80 years. From that seed grew the Eaton family of brands that now includes Eaton Botanicals, New York’s first functional gummy to combine the healing

powers of cannabis with the wellness properties of adaptogens. Every Eaton Botanicals product is made using only the sun-grown cannabis we grow outdoors in our organic soil with organic inputs just as mother nature intended. Our mission is to create the most trusted, transparent cannabis products that promote plant-based wellness you can feel.