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JUNGLE PIE | 3.5 g


+ 3.5 g flower

+ Strain type: Hybrid-sativa

+ Nose/flavor: sweet vanilla, earthy pepper

+ Typical effects: relaxed, creative, focused

+ Lineage: Jungle Cake x Wedding Pie

Jungle Pie, a captivating hybrid from Electraleaf, offers a delightful balance of relaxation and mental stimulation. This potent strain is a creation of the renowned Jungle Boys, born from the fusion of Jungle Cake and Wedding Pie. Get ready for a smooth, creamy experience that melts stress away while keeping your mind buzzing with creativity. Jungle Pie delivers a well-balanced experience for both mind and body. Expect a wave of relaxation to wash over you, easing stress and promoting a sense of calm. However, this isn’t a sleepy strain! A gentle mental stimulation accompanies the relaxation, allowing you to stay focused and creative. This makes Jungle Pie ideal for unwinding after a long day, engaging in artistic pursuits, or simply enjoying a mood boost.

With over 30 years of cultivation experience from Legacy Growers hailing from both New York and California, Electraleaf's 18,000 SF greenhouse flourishes with organic, soil-grown crops nurtured by the hands of passionate smokers. Our dedication to quality and precision is showcased by our 140 supplemental lights, delivering premium, hand-trimmed flower with genetics from the best breeders worldwide.

Electraleaf takes immense pride in their 20x High Times award-winning products, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. Embracing their Latino heritage, their devoted team carefully hand-trims each batch, guaranteeing you the most refined and lot-tested flower. Revel in the unparalleled satisfaction of experiencing the passion and skill of true connoisseurs, from cultivation to packaging, all for the love of smoking.