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BABY YODA | 5-Pack

BABY YODA | 5-Pack


+ .25 g x 5 pack joints

+ THC: 20%

+ Strain type: Hybrid-indica

+ Nose/flavor: fresh berries, citrus, diesel

+ Lineage: Khalifa Kush x The Menthol

Embrace the art of finesse with Baby Yoda. A sophisticated blend that harmonizes fresh berries with a hint of citrus and deep diesel notes, Pave is tailored for occasions that demand elegance, from refined gatherings to serene personal moments.

Baby Yoga is an indica leaning hybrid buzz that turns heavy as the high sets in and lasts longer than

most strains. Consumers who want flavor and punch with their smoke tend to gravitate towards this variety. This tastes fire in a thin paper or a wood.

For the cannabis user who wants to enjoy the most tuned in and elevated moments, Florette offers the highest quality experiences available. They grow with community in mind, and expertly develop products that enhance both special occasions and daily life.