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CHEMDOG | 5-Pack

CHEMDOG | 5-Pack


+ .25 g x 5-pack joints

+ THC: 23%

+ Strain type: Hybrid-balanced

+ Nose/flavor: skunk, citrus, pine

Embark on a journey through nature's wonders with Chemdog. Its rich tapestry of skunk, citrus, and pine flavors is a call to the wild, inviting you to explore the untouched corners of the earth. Imagine wandering through ancient forests, climbing rugged terrains, or resting by tranquil streams; Chemdog enhances these experiences, making every inhale a step deeper into nature's majestic beauty. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a casual wanderer, this strain is a tribute to the great outdoors and the adventures that await.

A legend. One of the original seeds found by Chemdog from bag seed that came from a single pound purchased on the Grateful Dead Tour. Cracked in 2001 when the remaining original seeds were germinated. Known as the strongest of the Chemdog line. A strong 50/50 hybrid that provides a heavy body high with soaring euphoria. This is for consumers who like the old school east coast power strains.

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