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+ .5 g x 2-pack joints

+ 22% Total cannabinoids

+ 22% THC

+ Strain type: Sativa

+ Nose/flavor: floral, skunky, pepper, rose, sugary lemon

+ Typical effects: euphoric, physical relaxation, unwind

Flavor notes: This floral and skunky strain is an aroma your nose will never forget. With notes of pepper, rose petal and sugary lemon, this combo will get you higher than the tallest tree in the Emerald Triangle.

FlowerHouse infused pre-rolls are made with whole flower – NEVER shake. Flower is milled and cured to an even consistency for a smooth and slow burn, infused with kief for added potency and flavor, then rolled in 100% natural paper with no dyes, chalks, or burn additives.

FlowerHouse New York is a BIPOC-owned cultivator located in the bucolic Hudson Valley and specializing in high-quality smokable flower for New Yorkers, by New Yorkers. For more information, follow @flowerhouse_ny.