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STRAWBERRY | Nighttime


+ 20 gummies per package

+ 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBN

+ 100 mg THC:100 mg CBD:100 mg CBN per package

+ 5 mg THC:5 mg CBD:5 mg CBN per gummy

+ Vegan, gluten free

+ Organic adaptogens

Our Sleep/Nighttime Chews are consciously formulated with authentic fruit purées, delicately coated in powder derived from natural strawberries, and enriched with a potent adaptogen blend of Reishi mushroom, Valerian Root, and Chamomile. These CBN-enriched chews are specially designed to promote optimal sleep quality and help reestablish a harmonious, restful sleep pattern. Experience the soothing power of nature's finest ingredients in this wellness package, aiming to enhance your nighttime routine and bring you the gift of rejuvenating slumber.

At Foy, they recognize the priceless value of your health and the non-negotiable importance of your well-being. As a proudly American brand that celebrates a wellness-oriented lifestyle, Foy aims to inspire you to discover your true purpose, transforming your life.