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+ .5 g x 5-pack joints

+ 33% THC

+ Strain type: Hybrid-indica

+ Infused with distillate and appetite suppressant terpenes

+ Lineage: Alien Dawg

Stoner Puffs provide a euphoric, buzzy, creative high. Designed to be potent, for getting ripped and feeling blissfully stoned. Infused with distillate and Appetite-Suppressant terpenes high in Humulene, they're low-munchies. Premium Runtz Ether is a cut of Alien Dawg, a hybrid gifting an immediate cerebral rush of lifted euphoria before turning delightfully stonery. Her Highness ultra feminine pre-rolls are slim, elegant and beautiful to smoke, featuring an extra long crutch to protect nails and lashes. (5) .5g cones are presented in our signature CR gold cigarette box.