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Fuerte PAPA SMURF | Single


+ Infused Glass-tip Joint 1 g

+ Premium flower infused with THCa diamonds

+ THC: 35%

+ Strain type: Indica

+ Nose/flavor: sweet, earthy, spicy and a little fruity

+ Typical effects: a focused high with a balance between light euphoria and chill body high

The perfect blunt for a personal sesh or smoking out the crew! Glass-tip, hemp paper wrap and premium flower, infused with THCa diamonds. 1g of terpy flower nugs, never any trim. Re-useable glass-tip.

At Lobo Cannagar, we roll the best! Since 2017, across the country and globe, Lobo has curated the best the plant has to offer. We source premium flower, selected for nose and potency, and pair it with the absolute best concentrates to create an incredible cannabis experience.