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Hashish LEMON HAZE | 1 g


+ 1 g

+ Crumble into a joint, roll into a snake, sprinkle into a bowl, or pack into your favorite hash pipe.

+ Solventless dry sifted kief, rosin and distillate

+ Hand-pressed five star hash

+ Nose/flavor: lemon lime

Lemon Haze has a distinct lemon lime nose and flavor. Solventless, dry sifted kief, rosin and distillate hand-pressed to create the ultimate Cannabis experience. Will you roll some between your fingers to throw in a joint or sprinkle some on top of a bowl? Choose your own adventure.

Moroccan Hash has a rich history that tells of ancient traditions and secret techniques passed down through generations of farmers. It has been a believed delicacy among locals, crafted by hand with care and precision, using the resin of the cannabis plant. It's a symbol of tradition, culture and the enduring power of nature.

At Lobo Cannagar, we roll the best! Since 2017, across the country and globe, Lobo has curated the best the plant has to offer. We source premium flower, selected for nose and potency, and pair it with the absolute best concentrates to create an incredible cannabis experience.