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Minis CHEM SPILL | 5-Pack

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+ .5 g x 5-pack joints

+ THC: 31%

+ Premium flower infused with THCa diamonds

+ Strain type: Indica

+ Nose/flavor: earthy, gassy, lime

+ Typical effects: relaxing, full-body high

+ Lineage: Triangle Kush x Chem D

Chem Spill is an indica dominant strain bred from Triangle Kush crossed with Chem D. It emits an earthy, gassy aroma with a squeeze of lime on top, and offers a relaxing, full body high.

These prerolls are made with premium flower, selected for flavor and potency, infused with THCa diamonds for that extra kick. Now in new slim-fit packaging that’s easy on your pockets and new lower price that’s easy on your wallet too!

At Lobo Cannagar, we roll the best! Since 2017, across the country and globe, Lobo has curated the best the plant has to offer. We source premium flower, selected for nose and potency, and pair it with the absolute best concentrates to create an incredible cannabis experience.