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Live Resin MIMOSA | Juicy Peach


+ 10 gummies per package

+ 100 mg THC per package

+ 10 mg THC per gummy

+ Strain type: sativa dominant hybrid

+ Nose/flavor: citrus, sweet, tropical

+ Lineage: Clementine x Purple Punch

A sativa-dominant hybrid strain that blends Clementine with

Purple Punch, Mimosa is praised for its citrus rind fragrance and sweet tropical flavor reminiscent of its namesake


Cannabis consumers deserve to know exactly what they’re ingesting, which is why Kiva was one of the first edible makers in the country to self-impose stringent standards for potency, production, packaging and testing. We believe that the principles of consistency, efficacy, and food safety are fundamental to creating a high-quality edible that you can always feel confident sharing with friends and family. At Kiva, we care about the plant, the planet, and all of its people - both now and in the future.