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Live Resin WEDDING CAKE | Raspberry


+ 10 gummies per package

+ 100 mg THC per package

+ 10 mg THC per gummy

+ Strain type: indica dominant hybrid

+ Nose/flavor: creamy, vanilla, earthy, peppery

+ Lineage: Cherry Pie x GSC

Boasting the tart fruitiness of Cherry Pie and the creamy vanilla sweetness of GSC, Wedding Cake is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain accented by a background of

earthy, peppery flavors.

Cannabis consumers deserve to know exactly what they’re ingesting, which is why Kiva was one of the first edible makers in the country to self-impose stringent standards for potency, production, packaging and testing. We believe that the principles of consistency, efficacy, and food safety are fundamental to creating a high-quality edible that you can always feel confident sharing with friends and family. At Kiva, we care about the plant, the planet, and all of its people - both now and in the future.