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Live Resin GRASS VALLEY GIRL | 1 g

Live Resin GRASS VALLEY GIRL | 1 g


+ 1 g live resin

+ TAC: 55%

+ THC: 47%

+ Strain type: Hybrid-sativa

+ Nose/flavor: sweet, pine

+ Typical effects: euphoric, talkative, creative

+ Lineage: SFV OG x Face Off OG

Go on a bright, social, pine-scented journey with Luci's Grass Valley Girl Live Resin. This strain will be your plus one to every social gathering you attend due to its talkative and social effects. It will also be the perfect sidekick during your creative endeavors, as it promotes a functional and happy creativity. Whether you're going out or staying in, Grass Valley Girl will have your back.

New York grown, fresh frozen flower that is extracted with hydrocarbons.