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Live Resin Badder HOLY ROLLER | 1 g


+ Live Resin | Fresh Frozen

+ 1 g badder

+ 63.69% THC

+ The richest expression of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids

+ Full spectrum

+ Highest quality flower inputs only

+ Filtered for optimal vaporization viscosity

+ Primary terpenes: terpinolene, ocimene, myrcene

+ Strain type: Sativa

+ Nose/flavor: woody, lime haze

+ Typical effects: uplifted, energetic, focused

+ Lineage: Big Sur Holy Weed x Do-Si-Dos

MFNY’s Holy Roller badder is a premium concentrate made in house, using a hydrocarbon extraction method. It starts with our best, in-house grown Holy Roller buds. We flash freeze our plants right after harvest to lock in all the trichome-and-terpene-rich goodness of the plant (this is the “Live” part of Resin). A treat for experienced cannabis connoisseur, this sativa dominant hybrid takes its heritage from Big Sur Holy Weed and Do-Si-Dos strains (bred by Archive Seed Bank). This classic sativa haze offers a variety of unique woody aromas and lime haze flavors that may have you feeling uplifted, energetic and focused all at once. Our Live Resin concentrates are exclusively single-source and produced at the highest of standards in our state-of-art laboratory space, using scientific precision and years of experience, which we’ve proudly gathered together in New York's Hudson Valley.

All MFNY products are expertly single-sourced from the Hudson Valley. We are New York’s very own cannabis brand with a mission to bring high-quality plant power to the people. We infuse New York DNA into growing, cultivating, and formulating our products—all to elevate the people who make NY such an extraordinary place to be. MFNY: Ever Upward.