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Live Resin GRAPE GUAVA | 0.5 g AIO


+ Live Resin | Fresh Frozen

+ .5 g all-in-one vaporizer

+ The richest expression of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids

+ Full spectrum

+ Highest quality flower inputs only

+ Filtered for optimal vaporization viscosity

+ Best-in-class hardware for a smooth pull

+ TAC: 80%

+ THC: 77%

+ Primary terpenes: limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene

+ Strain type: Indica

+ Nose/flavor: grape, guava, sweet, fruity

The MFNY live resin disposable vape has a terpene-rich profile of our single-source, in-house produced Grape Guava live resin. We start with fresh-frozen flower buds, then use the hydrocarbon extraction method (plus years of experience and scientific precision) to deliver the purest plant extract. This extract showcases the cultivar's naturally-produced, full-spectrum cannabinoids and remarkable natural terpenes. Grape Guava recalls distinct flavors of natural grape, white grape juice, and grape jelly alongside pungent background notes of guava. No distillates, added flavors, or alterations.

Comes in a sleek rechargeable Active EZ Click Glass All-In-One vape pen, preconfigured to enjoy at the perfect temperature. Vape cartridge contains concentrated live resin oil that is heated by a battery and vaporized for inhalation. These products are very potent and are designed to be consumed in 2-3 second puffs. Exclusively single-sourced at MFNY in the Hudson Valley. Together, we can take NY and all New Yorkers Ever Upward.