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Live Rosin PEACH x RAINBOW BELTZ 2.0 | 5 mg

Live Rosin PEACH x RAINBOW BELTZ 2.0 | 5 mg


+ 50 mg total THC + trace minor cannabinoids per package

+ 5 mg total THC + trace minors per piece

+ 10 gummies per package

+ Strain type: Hybrid-balanced

+ Made with fresh frozen, live rosin inputs

+ Starting with the fullest expression of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids to craft a mouthwatering gummy

+ Full spectrum

+ Highest quality flower inputs only

+ Vegan

A must for edible lovers, these palate-pleasing Peach x Rainbow Beltz 2.0 gummies are unlike any other edibles you've tried. Our vegan, full-spectrum, cultivar-specific gummies are infused with MFNY’s premium Rainbow Beltz 2.0 live rosin extract. Superior to distillate, live rosin is made via solventless extraction from premium fresh frozen plants, preserving all of those natural terpenes. We use the minimum amount of sugar to highlight the fruity and candy flavors of the Rainbow Beltz 2.0 paired with the natural flavors of peaches.

All MFNY products are expertly single-sourced from the Hudson Valley. We are New York’s very own cannabis brand with a mission to bring high-quality plant power to the people. We infuse New York DNA into growing, cultivating, and formulating our products—all to elevate the people who make NY such an extraordinary place to be. MFNY: Ever Upward.