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+ 7 g

+ Total cannabinoids: 33%

+ THC: 27%

+ Strain type: Sativa

+ Primary terpenes: farnesene, myrcene, limonene

+ Nose/flavor: sweet, fruity, tropical

+ Typical effects: creative, focused, relaxed

+ Lineage: Strawguava (Strawberry Banana x Papaya) x Papaya

Expertly grown in climate-controlled greenhouses and harvested using techniques that maximize terpene preservation, MFNY is excited to offer Strawguava x Papaya. This flower combines the sweet and fruity flavors of strawberry from one side, with the tropical taste from its Papaya ancestor, bringing to mind a fresh tropical smoothie. This mix will have you feeling creative and focused with a pleasant body and mind relaxation.

All MFNY products are expertly single-sourced from the Hudson Valley. We are New York’s very own cannabis brand with a mission to bring high-quality plant power to the people. We infuse New York DNA into growing, cultivating, and formulating our products—all to elevate the people who make NY such an extraordinary place to be. MFNY: Ever Upward.