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ALL TIMES | Infused Rainbow Zkittlez x Diesel | Single

ALL TIMES | Infused Rainbow Zkittlez x Diesel | Single


+ 1 g joint

+ THC: 36.90%

+ Rainbow Zkittlez flower

+ Infused with live Diesel ice water hash

+ Strain type: Hybrid-balanced

A single, full gram, infused, terpene-rich pre-roll in a glass tube.

Miss Grass' solventless ice water hash starts with freshly harvested, hand-trimmed buds that have been frozen to preserve maximum flavor and potency. The ice water is then used to separate that gooey good stuff from the plant material, revealing super pure and super delicious full melt hash. This juicy, flavorful live extract is then infused in premium, terpene-rich flower for a full-bodied high with every puff.

Sustainably grown and terpene rich. We work closely with our cultivators to choose strains that contain the same terpene and cannabinoid profiles batch-to-batch and state-to-state—so you always know what kind of high to expect.