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FAST TIMES | Mac 1 + Apple Fritter | 5-Pack


+ .4 g x 5-pack joints

+ 22% THC

+ 2 g in a little box with a matchbox

+ Strain type: Sativa

+ Lineage: Mac 1 + Apple Fritter

Miss Grass Minis are perfectly sized, mini pre-rolled THC joints in four effects-based blends: Fast Times, Quiet Times, All Times, and Half Times 1:1. Each mini joint is .4g and comes in a pack of five, complete with a matchbox and matchsticks.

Sustainably grown and terpene rich. We work closely with our cultivators to choose strains that contain the same terpene and cannabinoid profiles batch-to-batch and state-to-state—so you always know what kind of high to expect.