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GMO X OREOZ | 1 oz

GMO X OREOZ | 1 oz


+ 1 oz flower

+ TAC: 38%

+ THC: 33%

+ Strain type: Hybrid-indica

+ Nose/flavor: chocolatey, sweet, diesel, pastry

+ Typical effects: relaxing, uplifting, euphoric

+ Lineage: GMO x Oreoz

Pura's cross of GMO and Oreoz will invite its user to a realm of relaxation. This indica-leaning hybrid has flavor notes of a sweet chocolate cookie complimented with a pungent diesel finish. Consumers of this popular strain will find a deep and physical relaxation set in after smoking, yet their minds will remain uplifted as an intoxicating euphoria settles in.

Pura has proudly served New York for 25 years. We are collectors and cultivators of the rarest genetics. As New Yorkers, we understand quality comes first and it is our mission to deliver the very best. Come smoke with us.