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+ Low dose

+ 50 mg THC: 75 mg THCV: 75 mg CBG per package

+ 2.5 mg THC: 3.75 mg THCV: 3.75 mg CBG per gummy

+ 20 gummies per package

+ Made with mango, dragonfruit, lime, and beet sugar

Elevate your mornings with RVG Awaken Gummies, a tropical burst of mango purée, dragonfruit, and lime. Each gummy packs 2.5mg of THC, along with THCV and CBG for a unique, invigorating experience. THCV is a minor appetite suppressant and provides mental clarity, while CBG has anti-inflammatory properties and enhances alertness, synergistically creating sustained morning energy without the afternoon crash. RVG Awaken Gummies help you start your day right with enthusiasm and vitality. Experience the fusion of flavor and energy today!

At Ravens View Genetics, our legacy as dedicated growers and breeders of rare landrace strains spans over 22 years. RVG prioritizes the selection and breeding of Landrace and Heirloom strains to create a unique product that offers consumers the opportunity to experience the whole plant profile, as nature intended.