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Wintergreen | MINGLE Mints


+ 20 mints per package

+ 100 g THC per package

+ 5 mg THC per mint

+ Ingredients: Sucrose, Cannabis Extract in Modified Food Starch (Maltodextrin, Cannabis Extract, MCT Coconut Oil), alpha-gpc, Natural Flavors, Dextrose, Cordyceps Extract, Citric Acid, Ginkgo Biloba Extract.

The Senior Moments Mingle mint brings you the pep to your step that you’ve been missing. The Mingle mint

is a low-dose 5 mg THC mint plus herbal actives that provide cognitive support to elevate your mood and mind,

with a refreshing wintergreen flavor that prepares you for wonderful conversation. One mint is all you need, its

5mg THC- PLUS a-gpc nootropic, cordyceps mushroom extract, and ginkgo biloba extract for a wholistic herbal approach to get you feeling right and groovy.

The Mingle low-THC mint helps by improving mood and enhancing memory, bringing more sunshine and smiles to your daily routine. One Mingle mint has 5 mg of THC to gently spur your mind towards creativity and social engagement. The cannabinoid power is complemented by the 3 additional herbal actives in the formula. Alpha-gpc nootropic supports your mental acuity, the cordyceps mushroom extract is packed with antioxidants and may make you feel a lil frisky, and ginkgo biloba extract is included to support memory and mood, and it’s one of the oldest tree species on the planet. Get yappin’ with the Senior Moments Mingle Mint, ASAP!

The Senior Moments cannabis-infused mint

line provides a discreet and quick dose of

nature-driven benefits. No drags here, we have

your wellness at heart with our edible mouth-

dissolving mints. All products in the Senior Moments mint line feature multiple herbal active ingredients, in addition to cannabinoids, to bring you the best and most effective experience possible. But take it easy, one mint will do ya.

Tune in, turn on, drop out; you’ve earned it.