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+ Available in 1 oz and 3.5 g

+ Total cannabinoids: 26%

+ THC: 22%

+ Strain type: Hybrid-sativa

+ Nose/flavor: skunky, herbaceous, sour citrus, heavy gas

+ Typical effects: cerebral, mental stimulation

Dating back to 1996, AJ’s Sour Diesel is a highly-coveted, clone-only strain preserved by the legendary cultivator Joe Murray (AKA AJ Sour Diesel). The REAL Sour is unmistakable, with a skunky, herbaceous aroma accompanied by an invigorating explosion of sour citrus and heavy gas. This sativa leaning hybrids infinite popularity is due to its powerful cerebral effects and mental stimulation.

FlowerHouse New York is a BIPOC-owned cultivator located in the bucolic Hudson Valley and specializing in high-quality smokable flower for New Yorkers, by New Yorkers. FlowerHouse premium flower eighths contain hand-selected, hand-trimmed colas cured for ideal moisture and packaged in glass jars. For more information, follow @flowerhouse_ny.