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Sessions COSMIC CRASHER | 5-Pack

Sessions COSMIC CRASHER | 5-Pack


+ .5 g x 5-pack joints

+ Made with flower only. No trim.

+ 26% THC

+ Strain type: Hybrid-balanced

+ Nose/Flavor: fruity, lavender, earthy, sugar

+ Typical effects: blissful, relaxing, creative

+ Lineage: Wedding Crashers (Wedding Cake x Purple Punch) x Oreoz

Cosmic Crasher is a cross between Wedding Crashers

(Wedding Cake x Purple Punch) x Oreoz. The Wedding Crashers lineage provides this balanced hybrid strain with loud, fruity terps and a super happy, chill effect that is perfect for curbing anxiety and boosting your mood and giving you a good case of the giggles! The relaxing body high melts away tension without making you melt into the couch. That physical relaxation is complemented perfectly by the uplifting, blissful, expansive head high that will have you staring at the world around you with a peaceful smile glued on your face. Cosmic Crasher provides a grounding sense of connection to nature and to each other- one of the most beautiful benefits cannabis can offer.

TONIC is committed to changing the way you think about pre rolls - no trim, no shake, no "leftovers" - just whole, hand-trimmed buds that preserve the character and quality of the flower while delivering a more convenient way to consume.

Each half gram pre roll is crafted with care in organic hemp papers and perfectly packaged in a fully recyclable, conveniently pocket-sized, air tight tin that can be reused to stash your smokes over and over again.

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